fredag 20 januari 2012

Giving Us the Finger

We can see two different responses to our massive campaign to stop SOPA and PIPA:

  • Our protests are actually being listened to. According to accessnow, at least 38 senators have changed their minds against these draconic bills, and all we need is 3 more.
  • The U.S. Government nonchalantly gives us the finger. Yes, yesterday, FBI closed down, and if SOPA and PIPA were in effect, I guess my linking to it from my blog could shut down the Blogger service, unless Google were very quick to close my blog first.
So, what needs to be done is to sign as many petitions as we can find to stop the madness. Yesterday, I told you about Demand Progress, today, I give you Access Now.

Note regarding the closing of; the official sites of FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice have been very hard to reach during the night. Tip to the U.S. Government: you're not being targeted by criminal syndicates or anything like that. See it as a reminder from the people of who is your master. It is not your task to wage war on your own.